Features and benefits

GroundSure GeoInsight is a cost-effective risk-screening report giving an overview of ground instability potential due to natural hazards or previous mineral extraction in the vicinity of the property. It uses datasets uniquely available to GroundSure, including historical surface workings, underground workings and mining, including coal mining.

Standard site price (0 - 10 ha): £30 + VAT

Perfect for

  • Environmental consultants
  • Geologists
  • Site investigators

Usable formats

Supplied as PDF

Key Points

Spanning historical and contemporary information for a wide range of potential ground stability issues, the report incorporates:

  • GroundSure’s unique historical surface and underground workings database
  • GroundSure’s mining and extraction database
  • Up to date aerial photograph of site location
  • British Geological Survey (BGS) data on superficial deposits and subsidence
  • BGS data on underlying bedrock and faults
  • BGS data on mining hazards, and boreholes within 250m of site boundary
  • BGS data on current ground workings
  • BGS GeoSure data
  • Historical surface and underground workings
  • Naturally occurring potentially harmful elements


From £30 + VAT

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