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Cities Revealed Aerial Imagery

Cities Revealed Aerial Imagery

Prices start from £7

Features and benefits

A long established supplier of aerial imagery for the UK, Cities Revealed's data is often the highest resolution and most current available and in 2008 has been selected for the 6th year running as the base for illustrating the London Marathon route.  


From business to leisure, benefit from:

  • Up to 5cm resolution
  • Greater London updated 2006/2007
  • Historical Aerial Imagery as early as the 1940s
  • A range of formats from JPEG images to PDF documents


You can access this imagery using our step by step on-line ordering system (registration is free):

  • Search for your location
  • Pick the product (Cities Revealed will be pre-selected for you)
  • Decide on the amount of coverage and scale you need
  • Check for the available dates
  • Pick the format you want and download


Alternatively, simply contact us with details of your requirements. 


For more information on Cities Revealed (a part of The Geoinformation Group), visit their website ( recommends Global Mapper as an extremely useful tool for handling purchased aerial imagery - particularly large or tiled data.

Key Points

Mapping type Aerial imagery
Available as JPEG, PDF