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Ordnance Survey Boundary Line

Boundary Line administrative mapping sample

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Features and benefits

Boundary-Line is a specialist dataset of voting and administrative boundaries. The information is represented as vector digital data. It provides a full hierarchy of boundaries, from district, wards and civil parishes (or communities) up to parliamentary, assembly and European constituencies.

  • A detailed and definitive boundary dataset for Great Britain suited to multiple applications using a GIS, CAD and digital mapping systems.
  • Structured vector format, offering maximum functionality.
  • Derived mainly from 1:10 000 scale Boundary Record mapping.
  • Area values for every polygon.
  • Census Agency codes (where available) allow you to link Boundary-Line polygons with census statistics.

Suggested applications

  • Development and land use planning
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Vehicle routing
  • Asset management
  • Marketing analysis

Key Points

Scale 1:10000
Mapping type Vector co-ordinate based product
Style Outline mapping illustrating administrative areas and associated attributes
Used in Development and land use planning, Development and land use planning, Asset management and marketing analysis
Can be put into Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for analysis
Combinations Combine with base mapping to give geographical bearing and with statistical data for analysis purposes.
Available as DXF, DWG, MID/MIF, SHP, BDS files - see more information for compatibility
Cannot Be used without appropriate software and preferably background mapping
Also consider For more basic needs, boundary information may be requested as an overlay to background mapping types through the normal order process (STEP 4)