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Introducing OS MasterMap Add-ons

Ordnance Survey’s MasterMap provides the most accurate, detailed, current and comprehensive mapping of the British landscape. Now CentreMapsLive (CML) has made it even easier to further enhance the richness of this data with additional layers of aerial imagery, height data and (coming soon) Tree Data.

As well as providing data in all export formats (for CAD/GIS) CML offers the ability to contextualise data in PDF making the content easier to access and share.


OS MasterMap Add-ons PDF

This multi-layered PDF is georeferenced on the OS National Grid great for those without CAD/GIS and needing a quick concise site view.  Also meaning it is perfect for easy sharing.

Combining data with OS MasterMap add-ons via the Multi-layered PDF or in export formats provides a holistic view to any site, contextualising the plan and providing a deeper understanding of the area.




Download this example here to explore the layered .pdf (please note you must download the file to see the layers). 

 OS MasterMap + Aerial Imagery + Contours + Tree Data (PDF) 1.5Mb


What can you add with MasterMap Add-ons? 



Aerial Imagery

Unlike a conventional map, aerial photography makes it possible to see what is actually on the ground and enables users to pick out prominent features, which might range from old industrial buildings to tree belts, brooks, ponds flooding? Footpaths, outbuildings not picked up on mapping and even archaeological features which were previously unknown. Road markings, vehicle parking, roof detail and solar panel installations as well as vegetation and hedgerows are further benefits.


For more information visit our Aerial Imagery page



Height Data

 A quick and easy way to visualise heights above sea level as well as slope and aspect of a site. Perfect for planning, environmental impact assessments, engineering and lines of sight/view shed analysis.

For more information visit our Height Data page



Tree Data (coming soon)

 Tree data is a valuable addition for anyone involved in site design, environmental management, utility infrastructure, forestry and planning. Benefit from position, canopy size and height with coverage across England and Wales.

For more information visit our Tree Data page




OS MasterMap Add-ons are Quick and Easy

It is so simple to add the extra data. When ordering with CML you can either pick from our extensive range of dates and suppliers or (newly added) simply tick the top recommendation offered on you way to the basket.

From just £11 + vat and downloaded in minutes CML is the obvious choice for your mapping data.