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Mapping the Election

As Election day approaches, maps seem to be everywhere you look on the internet right now. Why?

Maps exist to make sense of confusing data. So it's only natural that at times of political uncertainty (and the 2015 election is mathematically more uncertain than most) we should try and understand it geographically. Maps are utilised to illustrate political areas of power, and they help us make sense of what is going around us, both locally and nationally.

Below you'll see an interactive polling map from BBC News:


The map, shows the result of three by-elections and 174 constituency polls carried out by former Conservative peer Lord Ashcroft, Survation, and ICM between 1 March 2014 and 3 May 2015.


Maps are great to use to compare different areas and assess overall popularity of each party, spotting trends and patterns to show popularity.


At CentremapsLive our Postcode and Boundary Data can be used in much the same way as the above mapping when combined with other datasets.

Author: Joe Moverley

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