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Why Utility FastView

Why Utility FastView



Centremaps have been producing desktop utility reports (PAS128D) for a number of years and, as part of a survey company with a specialist underground services department, consuming the collated reports internally.

The information contained in reports is critical in working towards the planning of site changes and the safety of the workforce on site in actively operating near active services. Navigating this information across the collated report places additional challenges on the user and risk of missed information as they attempt to form a coherent picture of the site.

Opting for a Utility Fastview enables the operator(s) to quickly understand the information relative to their site in an accessible means whether through our innovative layered PDF or the CAD and GIS formats also provided. Providing both georeferenced versions of the mapping and (optionally) digitised linework, the user can identify particular areas of concern or conflict and refer to the compiled report where required for any additional context and supporting information.

Working across reports nationally has enabled us to build a knowledge base of profiled responses by utility which enables efficiency in georeferencing and consistency in interpretation and digitising that ensure both dependable content and great value.

Georeferenced scans

Pulling the mapping element out of responses and georeferencing allows us to:

  • Create a single seamless view for each utility provider
  • Align and rotate the content to bring in line with OS British National Grid and OS MasterMap base mapping

Converting single elements from this to -------->>>



Fig 1.  single element data from OS MasterMap 

       ------->>>>>  This -  A single seamless easy read image. 



Fig 2.  Stitched single easy to navigate image of utilities


  • Bring different scales - even from the same provider into line


Fig 3. two different scales joined to create a seamless image 


  • Retain the richness of the original information beyond the core linework



 Fig 4. Maintains the detail even with the conversion 


Digitised linework

  • Can be viewed over detailed OS MasterMap for context
  • Enables multiple utilities to be visible at the same time
  • Simpler to compare with planned designs in CAD and GIS
  • Highlights the utility paths which may not be immediately coherent in source information



Fig 5. The information sent by the utility company


 Fig 6. The utilities information is much clearer after being digitized on FastView



 Choose from a range of delivery formats

  • Utility FastView for Immediate access
  • PDF
  • DXF for comparison in CAD packages in dedicated layers 
  • SHP for GIS, lines carrying utility attribution









To avoid having to sift through countless paper sheets of often confusing and complex utility search results give us a call to discuss FastView. The simple to use, compiled PDF can be viewed anywhere, on any device and you’ll also be supplied with CAD and GIS data for integration with your projects in the office.

Author: Andrew Terry

Andy Terry is Technical Director at Laser Surveys Limited. Starting as an assistant for topographic survey, Andy subsequently studied for a BSc Geography & Geology and an MSc in Hydrology for Environmental Management. Since 2002, the development of centremaps and the centremapslive service and associated map feeds and APIs have been his core focus. Andy particularly enjoys working with PostGIS and PostgreSQL. Contact Andy for conversations about datasets, consultancy and hosted services.

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