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Groundsure FullInsight

A combined map and data pack delivers detailed and accurate environmental land use information from authoritative and unique environmental and geological datasets. They provide clarity on past land use with the highest resolution historical mapping imagery available.

Key Datasets


Screenshot 2023-11-13 155109.png
Key Features
  • 10k BGS geology data as standard

  • OS MasterMap site plan (for sites <10ha)

  • Water Framework Directive water quality data

  • Highest resolution and clarity historical maps, scanned in colour and greyscale

  • Groundsure National Brownfield Risk Model included free as standard

  • Pollution inventory data

  • Recent and historical aerial imagery

  • Includes Fire Insurance Plans as standard, free of charge, where available

  • Environmental Permits, Incidents and registers

  • Hydrology and Hydrogeology data including abstractions, source protection zones (SPZ), now with SPZ within confined aquifers

  • Detailed flood data

Key Benefits
  • No zip files - presented in a clear, intuitive file layout with only 3 PDF files; the data report and the large and small-scale historical maps

  • Many unique and proprietary datasets are included that are available nowhere else

  • Time-saving: in-report navigation and UX features designed to save you time.


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