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Desktop to Phase 1 services

Reports for site analysis and environmental assessment provides datasets and reports for all stages of site development from locating a site through to full Phase 1 studies.

Here we look at some of the most common datasets and reports our users draw upon to mitigate risk and realise the greatest potential from their development site.

Read on for our quick run through for:

  • Contaminated Land Assessments
  • Flood, Environmental and GroundWater Assessments
  • Sustainable Drainage Reports (SuDS)
  • Utility Searches
  • Geological Data
  • Base Mapping

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Contaminated Land Assessments

Contaminated land assessments information from - from data reports bring information to your hands to fully qualified Phase 1 desktop assessments with the option for site walkovers

 GroundSure FullInsight Reports

Bringing together data in report format on:

  • MapInsight - historical maps pack 1:2,500 and 1:10,000
  • EnviroInsight - environmental data report now containing FloodInsight too
  • GeoInsight - geology and ground stability report

Pack available from £160 + VAT


GeoSmart EnviroSmart

Phase 1 Contaminated Land Assessment, including risk datasets, consultants opinion and consultation with local authorities:

  • Standard - Review of historical maps
  • Plus - Adds a site walkover
  • Pro - Adds preliminary geotechnical assessment

From £595 + VAT

Flood and Groundwater Assessments

 Flooding assessment for surface and groundwater ranging from data reports to full FRAs (Flood Risk Assessments) for Zones 1, 2 and 3

GroundSure EnviroInsight now including FloodInsight

A detailed data report for professionals assessing commercial flood risk and geological/contamination hazards ontop of standard data sets

From £90 + VAT


GeoSmart FloodSmart (FRA)

FloodSmart FRA (Flood Risk Assessment) reports assess multiple flood risks to property assets and business operations. Widely accepted in support of planning applications and insurance.

  • Produced by specialist hydrologists with over 15 years’experience
  • Our consultants have built a great working relationship with Environment Agency and Local Authority Officers across the UK
  • Available for simple designs in Flood Zone 1 to complex projects (e.g. extensive building or including basements) in Flood Zones 2 or even 3.

From £595 + VAT

Sustainable Drainage Reports (SuDS)

 GeoSmart SuDSmart datasets and report designed to allow early assessment of the potential of SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems)

GeoSmart SuDSmart

Site information and assessment to illustrate the viability for SuDS strategies early in a site's development.

Reports take into account current and proposed use, client preferences and review of the specific local authority for planning:

  • Standard - evaluation maps and summary
  • Plus - adds runoff calculations
  • Pro - adds a schematic design option

From £195 + VAT


GeoSmart SD50 and GW5

Should you require the unique GeoSmart datasets behind the SuDSmart reports, they can be downloaded in GIS ready formats:

  • SD50 - a 50m grid dataset indicating infiltration potential
  • GW5 - a 5m grid dataset highlighting groundwater flood risk

From £25 + VAT

Utility Searches

 utility searches from - PAS128 compliant reports in PDF or converted to CAD ensure you're aware of critical infrastructure in the vicinity of your site and can guard against unexpected costs and risk to personnel's health and safety

Utility Searches

Critical to site design and risk avoidance for health and safety and damages liability. Even "green field" sites can carry gas pipelines or fibre-optic cables for example.

The Utilities Search Report collates and outlines features below the surface such as:

  • gas and oil pipelines
  • electricity cables
  • telecommunication wires
  • mains water supplies
  • sewers
  • fibre-optic cables.

For more information on this service check out our page on FastViews here.

Overview maps available in CAD format, for review alongside your other site designs.

From £369.25 + VAT including disbursements


We also offer underground services tracing at survey level accuracy for non public areas and verifying data from statutory searches.

Geological Data

 Geological data from ranges from bedrock and superficial geology to borehole records. Interpreted datasets such as the BGS Civils data offer relevant information to designing infrastructure and recognising how the environment will behave in both the short and longer terms

BGS (British Geological Survey) data covering both bedrock and superficial geology and also derived datasets such as the Civils collection.

  • Boreholes: Free to view on Under "extras", find markers showing all BGS borehole records coloured by depth. Links to an online PDF copy of the trial pit / borehole log.
  • 50k and 10k geology: Providing bedrock and superficial geology. Available in layered PDF or CAD/GIS formats including links to the detailed listing in the BGS lexicon
  • Civils: a comprehensive collection focussed on civils requirements covering:
    • Bulking Volume
    • Corrosivity (ferrous)
    • Discontinuities
    • Engineered Fill
    • Excavtability
    • Foundation
    • Strength
    • Sulfate/Sulfide potential

Boreholes - FREE. Other datasets from £10 + VAT

 Base Mapping delivers base mapping in convenient formats making it quick to consume and support your site assessments whether it be raster mapping, PDF report, vector extracts or height data as points, grids or contours, we have a range of data to help you quickly establish you site's environment

 Just a few of the most popular datasets:

Ordnance Survey OS MasterMap

  • The definitive "large scale" mapping
  • PDF / DXF / DWG / GML or ready to go ESRI file geodatabase
  • Only surpassed in detail / accuracy by a full topographic survey
  • We also offer LPS NI large scale data if your working in Northern Ireland

From £11.00 + VAT


Aerial Imagery

Providing additional value both in currency and context. Multiple suppliers and dates of capture including data from Ordnance Survey, Getmapping, Bluesky and Cities Revealed

From £7 + VAT


Height Data

Whether looking at surface flow directions, surface slope for civil engineering or the heights of surrounding land and building, we have datasets to suit from multiple suppliers, dates of capture and resolutons:

  • suppliers - Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency, Intermap (NextMAP) and Bluesky
  • sources - LiDAR, IFSAR or photogrammetric
  • resolutions - grid intervals from 5m to 25cm, contours at 1m, 5m and 10m
  • types - DSM - including buildings/vegetation etc, DTM - bare earth model
  • formats - from cad to GIS, including points, grids and contours
  • 3D models - LOD 1 to LOD 3 (or 4 on request) for detailed building models.

From £10 + VAT



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