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  • LOD 1

Level of Detail 1 (LOD1) 3D Model is low detail urban massing model. LOD1 model is manually captured using Photogrammetry and includes simplified but geographically accurate building shapes and accurate unseparated terrain. 



  • LOD 3

Our flagship LOD3 model has high level detail, accuracy and usability. Buildings are captured with all major roof details. All man made structures visible in aerial imagery are captured. Terrain model includes land use separation.


  • LOD 2

Level of Detail 2 (LOD2) 3D model is a combination of LOD1 buildings and LOD3 Terrain. It offers easy to use, cost effective and visually attractive 3D model of London. LOD2 model includes simplified building shapes and separated terrain.



  • LOD 4

Level 4 models are derived from level three models. LOD4 models include modelled facade detail and are ideal for street-level views. All LOD4 models are tailored to client requirements.

Perfect for

From showcasing your designs to rights of light surveys, 3D models can give great context of a site and provide architects/designer/stakeholders with impressive visuals. 

Our state of the art photogrammetric production line combined with the ability to source the latest high-resolution aerial imagery means that we can produce highly accurate and detailed 3D models of virtually any site in the United Kingdom.

We capture UK sites in all levels of detail – from simple massing models to full detail LOD4 or even textured models. If your site is in rural area we can reduce the price per square kilometer to reflect the building density and complexity of capture – please contact us for more details.

Usable formats

Available Formats:

  • DWG
  • 3DS
  • C4S
  • SKP

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