Features and benefits

Aerial photography lets you clearly identify sites, access points, surrounding areas, boundaries and road layouts from a snapshot in time - all while being immediately available for download on purchase.

  1. Simply locate and mark out your site of interest anywhere in the United Kingdom.
  2. Check the list of available capture dates, choose the ones you want.
  3. Order & download.

N.B. Order downloads are generally instant. However, larger images can take longer to process.


The lower the resolution the greater the clarity of image.

12.5 cm to 50 cm resolution accuracy. Each pixel of an aerial image represents a distance on the ground, therefore 12.5 cm resolution is often more accurate than say 25 cm as twice as much detail is captured per pixel.


Supplier Resolution Date Range Coverage Updates WMS Available
Ordnance Survey 25 cm 2008 onwards GB 3-5 Years  
Get Mapping 12.5-25 cm 1999 onwards GB 3-5 Years Yes
Bluesky 10-25 cm 1999 onwards GB 3-5 Years  
LPS Northern Ireland 25 cm 2008 onwards NI    
Blom     Limited 5-10 Years  
Cities Revealed 5-25 cm 1940 onwards Limited    



Perfect for

  • Adding context to report writing
  • Town planning
  • Property and facilities management
  • Land use classification and analysis
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Flood mapping
  • 3D visualisation

Usable formats

  •  Supplied as a JPEG with a JGW file for georeferencing.


From £7 + VAT

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