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GroundSure Commercial Data report brings together the fullest environmental datasets, including those of the Environment Agency (EA), the British Geographical Survey (BGS) and GroundSure.

Designed to support professional insight and judgement, it helps environmental lawyers and consultants provide their clients with authoritative opinions.

The report contains the same data as Commercial Screening but with no analysis.

Perfect for

Environmental lawyers and consultants - GroundSure Data supports, rather than replaces, your own professional insight and judgement.

Wide-area coverage means most commercial sites can be surveyed for the same low price. Rapid turnaround keeps your projects running to plan, boosting your practice’s reputation.

Key Points

  • GroundSure’s unique historical database, covering more than 6500 potentially contaminating land uses since 1840
  • Historical tanks, garages, petrol stations and energy facilities
  • Environment Agency flooding and BGS groundwater flooding
  • Geology summary based on BGS 1:50000 geological mapping
  • Natural hazards, including subsidence, based on BGS GeoSure data
  • Groundwater sensitivity and source protection zones
  • Man-made hazards, including past and current mining activity
  • Underground oil and fuel pipelines
  • Mobile and telecoms masts, pylons and transmission lines
  • Rapid delivery, keeping projects on schedule

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From £115 + VAT

Wide area coverage means that most commercial sites fall within this starting price. 

From £115 + VAT

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