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Identify the potential risks from natural and man-made subsidence that could affect your client’s residential property transaction. The report includes essential detail on the industrial and mining history, including coal, together with natural geology using the latest British Geological Society (BGS) datasets, so you can be sure of the lie of the land.

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Subsidence is a serious issue for homebuyers, with some 1 in 5 properties at risk of clay related ground stability issues alone. Claims are more common than for flooding incidents and it can leave an indelible mark on the ability to get affordable insurance in the future. Our changing climate is having locally dramatic effects on soil conditions including landslides, fissures or shrinkage that could leave your client’s property on shaky ground.

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What does it cover?

  • Identifies ground workings and in-filled land, including surface pits and underground mining
  • Identifies historic mining activity, including coal, as well as tin, brine, gypsum and clays
  • Identifies current and historic landfills
  • Guidance on the natural soil subsidence in the area, including compressible and collapsible ground, running sand, landslide and shrink-swell clays
  • The latest BGS Geology datasets including artificial deposits, solid and drift geology and borehole records

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