Features and benefits

Utility Search Report with FastView option. Quickly and intelligently identify potential utilities on site with the all in one layered PDF or CAD file.


Enhancing PAS128 D utility responses with a single, clear view of all found services.


Layers can be independantly turned on/off to inspect specific utilities all within the PDF.


Overlaid on the latest OS Mastermap with OS Zoomstack to provide an up to date base map for context.


Please note - FastView should be used in conjunction with your full PAS128 Level D Report and further investigations should be taken before any construction or final design takes place. Reports should be renewed after 3 months. 

Perfect for

  • Working on site?
  • Need to view utility records without the hassle of paper?
  • The all in one FastView will show all found services in one PDF/CAD plan.

Usable formats

  • Provided as PDF and/or DWG file.

Key Points

  1. Geo-referenced versions of the mapping make it easier to understand the information as:

    1. Already aligned to current detailed OS mapping.

    2. Overcomes some of the challenges in comparing different mapping types and ages.

    3. Mapping across multiple pages is stitched together for a seamless view.

    4. Retains all the annotation and original notes visible in the mapping (but not separate sections and schematics).


  2. Digitised line work further helps as:

    1. Multiple sources can be visible at once with the combined view.

    2. It can be simpler to compare with planned designs etc in CAD / GIS.

    3. Identifying some older utilities from plans can be challenging to read - We've done the hard work for you!


From £250+VAT

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