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BGS 10k geology over Ordnance Survey 10k mapping. The product covers around 30% of the UK - as the product is not complete you will note the greyed out areas where data is not available.

The mapping data is the most detailed geological mapping available from the British Geological Survey (BGS), consisting of four polygon layers.

Perfect for

Useful to a wide range of businesses with interests in planning and development as well as more academic aspects such as the Earth’s geological history, its fossils and its landscape development.

Usable formats

  • Supplied as PDF

Key Points

The four polygon layers are as follows:

  • Bedrock geology (‘solid’)
  • Superficial deposits (‘drift’ or Quaternary)
  • Mass movement (mostly landslide)
  • Artificial (or man-made ground)

…and one linear features layer, including:

  • Thin beds (such as coal seams and fossil bands)
  • Faults
  • Mineral veins
  • Some landforms


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