Features and benefits

Combine the British Geological Survey 1:50,000 scale geological mapping and GeoSure product for a full understanding of the rock types present and the implications that these have on potential ground movement or subsidence.

The GeoSure component is complimented by the British Geological Survey 1:50,000 data which underpins the ratings given in the various GeoSure categories. Comparing the two datasets quickly reveals a deeper understanding of why risks may have been attributed to any given area.

Perfect for

  • Insurance ratings
  • Risk Analysis
  • Local development planning
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Environmental management
  • Education

Usable formats

  • Layered PDF for easy viewing, combining vector (line and point) based geological information and image based background mapping.

Key Points

GeoSure national data sets give you valuable information about:

  • Soluble rocks
  • Shrink swell
  • Landslides
  • Compressible ground
  • Running sand
  • Collapsible rocks

The British Geological Survey 1:50,000 scale Geology product offers:

  • OS 1:50,000 mapping
  • BGS Bedrock (Solid) Geology
  • BGS Superficial (Drift) Geology
  • BGS Linear features - (e.g. faults and folds)
  • Also included where mapped are:
  • Artificial Ground Geology
  • Mass Movement Geology

Choose from:

  • BGS 1:50,000 plus GeoSure Standard - at the mapping scale of 1:50,000
  • BGS 1:50,000 plus GeoSure Enlarged - enlarged by 2 to a scale of 1:25,000

The enlargement offers no greater accuracy or detail but provides a product which is less compact and thus simpler to read for complex or 'busy' geological areas. It is also useful if you only require a small area but want to fill a certain sheet size, for example A4.


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