Features and benefits

Understanding geology is vital when determining the stability (and thus value) of land, property, and the safety of its occupiers. The GeoSure data sets from the British Geological Survey provide information about potential ground movement or subsidence in a helpful and consistent rating system.

The data can help inform planning decisions and indicate causes of subsidence.

Perfect for

  • Insurance ratings
  • Risk Analysis
  • Local development planning

Usable formats

  • Layered PDF for easy viewing combining vector (line and point) based geological information and image based background mapping

Key Points

GeoSure national data sets give you valuable information about:

  • Soluble rocks
  • Shrink swell
  • Landslides
  • Compressible ground
  • Running sand
  • Collapsible rocks

Choose from:

  • BGS GeoSure Standard - at the mapping scale of 1:50,000
  • BGS GeoSure Enlarged - enlarged by 2 to a scale of 1:25,000

The enlargement offers no greater accuracy or detail but provides a product which is less compact and thus simpler to read for complex or 'busy' geological areas. It is also useful if you only require a small area but want to fill a certain sheet size, for example A4.


From £10 + VAT

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