Features and benefits

The 1:10,000 Scale Raster mapping is Land and Property Services (formerly Ordnance Survey) Northern Ireland’s most detailed raster product. It has been derived directly from LPS NI’s large-scale database and provides clear, detailed and textual information on roads, buildings, fields, administrative boundaries, water features and vegetation overlaid by contours at 10m intervals.

This raster product has been derived from OSNI production databases, resulting in a high resolution quality image.

Clear and detailed information showing many topographical features and includes road, street and administrative names.

Because this product is fully geo-referenced, Irish Grid co-ordinates can be found for any point on the map.

The 1:10 000 Scale Raster mapping is continually updated for currency and accuracy in line with OSNI map revision policy.

Perfect for

  • Background mapping
  • Data analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Development and land use planning

Usable formats

  • Georeferenced TIFF

Key Points

  • Can be displayed on virtually any graphic software package
  • Fully edge-matched
  • High resolution quality colour image – 600 dpi
  • Continually updated


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