Features and benefits

Created by Land and Property Services (formerly Ordnance Survey) Northern Ireland, 1:250,000 Raster is LPS NI’s smallest scale raster product. Cartographically identical to the paper Holiday North product and is supplied at 300dpi. This product offers an excellent overview of Northern Ireland.

Complete coverage of Northern Ireland

Shows roads, with A and B class roads numbered, railways, villages, towns, cities, county boundaries and selected points of interest.

Also shows forests, rivers, place names, car parks, picnic sites, golf courses, caravan parks, and antiquity sites.

Spot heights and altitude tinting give a clear indication of terrain height.

Perfect for

  • Background mapping
  • Route planning
  • Desk-top publishing
  • Web information services

Usable formats

  • Georeferenced TIFF

Key Points

  • Can be displayed on most graphics software packages
  • Available in TIFF format


From £5 + VAT

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