Features and benefits

The OSNI Address Centred Extract (ACE) is a large scale location map for Northern Ireland used for things like planning and property conveyancing. ACEmap is the most popular product in the OSNI product range.

Complete coverage of Northern Ireland, with rural areas surveyed at 1:2500 scale and built up urban areas surveyed at a more detailed scale of 1:1250.

Contains height information including spot heights and bench marks. All heights are above mean sea level at Belfast.

The rich topographical data model and structure allows interactive access to information on features and makes Large-scale Vector suitable for a wide range of spatial queries

Perfect for

  • Planning applications
  • Site location
  • Valuation reports
  • Risk management
  • Site evaluation
  • Transport and routing
  • Site searching

Usable formats

  • PDF

  • TIFF

  • DXF

  • DWG

Key Points

  • Vector data format
  • Represents the real world in an organised and consistent way, according to a logical series of rules
  • Based on tiled data, edge-matched across the whole country, enabling the build up of a seamless coverage
  • Information can be stored for each individual piece of geometry, enabling links to users own data
  • Available in a range of data formats including DXF and DWG
  • Detail is being constantly updated by OSNI


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