Features and benefits

Strategi provides detailed digital map data that is ideal for applications requiring an overview of geographical information for England, Scotland and Wales.

Derived from the Ordnance Survey 1:250,000, scale topographic database, geographical features are represented as vector (point and line) data. This enables you to link your business information to relevant features on the map for planning purposes, analysing trends or creating simplified routing information.

The comprehensive range of features includes:

  • Railways, airports and ferries
  • Water features
  • Ceremonial county boundaries, cities, towns and other settlements
  • Woods and land use
  • Geographic names

Strategi is perfect for creating small-scale maps within GIS and does not need to be relicensed each year.

Perfect for

  • Simplified route planning and drive-time analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • 'What if?' scenario planning
  • Statistical analysis for social, environmental or marketing decision-making
  • Linking and integrating your own information with spatial data
  • Customised graphic output

Usable formats

  • PDF
  • Georeferenced TIFF
  • GML
  • SHP

Key Points

  • Available for all of Great Britain
  • Compatible with leading GIS software
  • Structured vector format, offering maximum functionality and allowing you to build closed polygons
  • Annually updated from maintained data source


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