Features and benefits

OS VectorMap District is a mid-scale digital raster and vector mapping product that gives a district level view.

Developed to enable customisable mapping, it includes buildings, roads, railways, landscape features, boundaries and rivers. Local services are also included such as schools and police stations as well as road names on classified and minor roads.

OS VectorMap District can be viewed as is or used as a context backdrop for your own data, which can be overlaid using a GIS.

Perfect for

  • Presenting information in a broad geographical context
  • Highlighting information relevant to a specific project or audience
  • Creating customised cartographic products
  • Asset management

Usable formats

Raster (print ready):

  • Georeferenced TIFF
  • Georeferenced JPG
  • Georeferenced TIFF_Lzw (for map information)
  • PDF

Vector (data export):

  • DXF
  • SHP
  • TAB
  • MIF

Key Points

  • Overlay your own information
  • Customisable by selecting and styling different features in different ways
  • Clear, uncluttered backdrop map
  • Designed to be viewed at 1:25,000 scale

From £5 + VAT

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