Features and benefits

For the first time, CentremapsLive has enabled easy access to OS MasterMap property level mapping with relevant height information in instantly usable formats.

Ordnance Survey OS MasterMap® Topographic Layer is a highly accurate, flexible resource covering nationally some 400 million man-made and natural features, from fields to pillar boxes.

NEXTMap Britain brings you the most current, comprehensive, accurate and affordable digital elevation and image data of England, Wales and Scotland, a total of 231,326 sq. km.

Contours supplied at 1 metre intervals* are derived from the NEXTmap Britain Digital Terrain Model (DTM) composing height levels on a 5 metre grid. The DTM represents a 'bare-earth' model extracted from the original Digital Surface Model using Intermap's proprietary TerrainFit® software.

This data offers an extremely cost effective means of obtaining an intial indication of a site's vertical position and characteristics. With a tested 95 percent accuracy of ± 1.5 metres for the majority of the dataset in unobstructed and moderately sloping terrain, this dataset represents the highest consistent detail supplied for the UK.

NOTE: As with all detailed datasets, users should ensure they fully understand the nature of the data and its limitations before use. As such, a very helpful user guide may be found at the bottom of this page.

* 1 metre intervals are used with the intention of ensuring the provision of some information even in flat or very small areas. This does not imply any additional level of accuracy beyond that discussed in the Intermap handbook.

Perfect for

  • Site plans for planning applications
  • A highly detailed base for further detailed information
  • Engineering and Environmental Analysis
  • Site Development
  • Asset Management

Usable formats

For simplicity, Ordnance Survey MasterMap® with contours derived from NEXTmap 5 metre Digital Terrain Model is available from CentremapsLive in a range of formats to ensure the product meets your needs whilst avoiding unnecessary complexity and software requirements: 

Print ready:

  • PDF - Simplest for viewing and printing the product. PDF documents are used widely on the internet and can be opened and viewed with the free Adobe Reader software. Choose 'scaling - none' to ensure printing is to scale.
  • TIFF - An image format of the mapping. Can be viewed in any image editing package and can be simply inserted into documents.

PDF with 'layers' enabled:

  • 'Layered' PDF - This requires the free Adobe Reader version 6 onwards to view mapping in layers which can be turned on and off. This is very useful if you wish to be able to turn the contours on and off with the option of just having the Ordnance Survey OS MasterMap showing.

Vector export:

  • DXF - Primarily for use in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and GIS (Geographical Information Systems). DXF maintains the key features and accuracies of the data and offers a format consistent with the previous Land-Line / Superplan ranges. Contours and the OS MasterMap are supplied in separate files.
  • Other vector combinations - Should require other vector formats, simply purchase the components (OS MasterMap and NEXTmap 1 metre contours) separately. To ensure you get the same area, add one product to the basket and then simply choose to order more data and pick the required product (the required area will still be outlined).

View the samples and our tips on using data for more on the benefits these formats offer.

Key Points


Mapping type Derived from vector formats extracted from the National database and aerial imagery.
Style Detailed mapping to property level with added visual content through aerial imagery.
Used in Planning applications and land and property investigation, development and management
Can be put into Reports, design drawings, CAD software and GIS systems depending on format and licence purchased
Combinations This product represents an excellent combination of products but users may also wish to consider including aerial imagery or other site specific data.

Some users prefer to purchase a wider area of aerial imagery and height information separately in order to provide a more cost effective indication of the site surroundings whilst maintaining the detailed topographic mapping in the core area of interest.
Available as PDF, PDF (layered) and DXF raw data components
Cannot ... be used outside of the terms of licence
Also consider Getmapping Aerial Imagery, NEXTmap 5 metre DTM for 3D models


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