Features and benefits

  • Identify addresses where post is delivered and whether they are residential properties or commercial premises – ideal for planning and reviewing simple direct mail campaigns
  • Gain insight into your customers via simple geographical analysis
  • Benefit from key identifiers (many now open for other data publishers to include) to assist in linking to other datasets:
    • The Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN)
    • Unique Street Reference Number (USRN)
    • Topographic Identifier (TOID) for other OS products.
    • Third party identifiers such as the Unique Delivery Point Reference Number (UDPRN) and Government Statistical Service (GSS) Codes



AddressBase Core Plus Premium
UPRN x x x
Local Authority current Address x x x
PAF Address - Royal Mail addresses   x x
PAF UDPRN - Royal Mail's delivery reference system x x x
Single Line Address x    
Simple Classification x x x
Advanced Classification   x x
Cross-reference with third-party datasets x x x
Alternate addresses     x
Lifecycle data     x


AddressBase Core

AddressBase Core takes many of the high importance items from the other AddressBase products, such as coordinates, classifications (type of address) and links to other important identifiers; but it also:

  • includes a single conveniently formed address line field
  • is updated weekly
  • is offered in an easier to digest format to make the product as easy to access and use as possible.

Local Authority data is at the heart of AddressBase Core. This data provides you with a complete address product, ensuring you have access to the granular detail when compared to the alternative - delivery points.


Linked identifiers - to other OS content or external sources

Identifiers link through to areas and lines in OS datasets and to external sources of information


Classifications  enable differentiation of residential, commercial and other addresses

primary level classification enables distinction of commercial, residential etc

AddressBase Plus

AddressBase Plus holds more records than AddressBase as it includes objects without postal addresses, such as subdivided properties, places of worship and community centres. It also allows the end-user to locate an address or property on a map, through the assigned x and y coordinates.

Available as a simple CSV or spatial format with one line per address.

AddressBase Premium

AddressBase Premium extends the benefits of AddressBase with Pre-build addresses; historic addresses and alternative addresses

Records may have mutliple values due to the nature of historic/alternative addresses etc which can be handled in relational databases or through arrays.



Usable formats

  • Format: Comma Separated Value (CSV) and GML 3.2.1

Key Points

  • Coverage: Great Britain – pre-defined areas are available, or you can define your own area of interest
  • Scale: 1:1,250 to 1:10,000

From £10 + VAT

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