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The Utilities Search Report from CentremapsLive collates and outlines features below the surface such as gas and oil pipelines, electricity cables, telecommunication wires, mains water supplies, sewers and fibre-optic cables.

The presence of utilities can have a significant effect on how a new development is planned. At construction stage, it is essential that the location of utilities is known to enable work to be carried out safely and efficiently. Our services will contribute towards the seamless planning and execution of your project, protecting your employees and avoiding costly legal action.


Turnaround Time Price From
1 Working Day £515 + VAT
5 Working Days £455 + VAT
10 Working Days £395 + VAT
20 Working Days £315 + VAT

Perfect for

  • Limiting liability to site works problems
  • Stage 1 site investigation
  • Reduce injuries and deaths due to underground asset strikes

Usable formats

Report contains drawings provided in PDF

Quotes for large or bespoke projects are available on request via 01886 832 972 or sales@centremaps.co.uk

CAD uplift / PDF overview map: We understand many clients want the data collated in either a CAD friendly format or a singular PDF. There is little consistency to the data we receive back from the individual Utility companies. Therefore if you require the utility data all in one place, rather than trawling through multiple PDFs we do offer an overview service.

Added Value:

Utility Search Report Records are provided in PDF formats as standard but can be upgraded at the time of purchase to an overview plan for use in CAD or PDF. Any site up to 1km/sq can be converted at a cost of £435 +VAT. This service adds 5 days on top of your chosen turnaround time.

Any site larger than 1km sq is POA.

Key Points

  • Single request: we collate the hidden asset mapped locations into a single, comprehensive utilities report pack.
  • Comprehensive: The search covers the key Underground Utilities including power cables, water pipes, oil and gas pipelines, fibre-optic cables and telecoms.
  • Prices, based on 1km x 1km standard search area.

More Info

The exact position of the utilities should be verified by the use of suitable detecting devices and safe digging practices in accordance with HS(G)47 “Avoiding Danger from Underground services”. We can supplement your initial site information by carrying out an investigation of underground services using Radiodetection and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Methods. We would be happy to discuss any requirements you have and provide you with a fixed price quotation.

Quotes for CAD uplift projects are available on request via 01886 832 972 or sales@centremaps.co.uk

From £315 + VAT & Disbursements

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