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3D Models. Stunningly Accurate. CentremapsLive + Vertex Modelling

3D Models. Stunningly Accurate.

CentremapsLive + Vertex Modelling


Digital 3D Models of any site in London or the the UK created with state-of-the-art remote sensing technology.

Using the latest high-resolution aerial imagery we model sites to unparalleled levels of detail and accuracy.
You Choose the Level of Detail Required:
Level of Detail 1 (LOD1) Model 
A low detail urban massing model. Manually captured using Photogrammetry and includes simplified but geographically accurate building shapes and accurate unsepatared terrain.
Level of Detail 4 (LOD4) Model
Derived from level three models. LOD4 models include modelled facade detail and are ideal for street-level views. All LOD4 models are tailored to client requirements.
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Author: Joe Moverley

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