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Data Management CentremapsLive

Data Management

Whether it is data cleansing, analysis or live streamed data into your our personalised interface for seamless communication or the management of your data sources. Here at CentremapsLive we have worked with range of industries and professions, all with the common purpose of getting greater value and insight from their data by enabling or understanding the spatial context. 


In the 20+ years we've worked with most data types and applications and are able to offer support whether simply opening and styling a map in a GIS package, loading and querying data in a spatial database, presenting our interface in your own brand and website or creating specific functionality in an API.


Get in touch directly on 01886 832972 to book a consultancy call and discuss your individual needs in more detail.

Geocoding CentremapsLive


Geocoding is standardising addresses to link geographic coordinates (easting/northing or long/lat), UPRN ids and more.

Live Streaming CentremapsLive

Live Streaming Service

Continually up-to-date, live data integrated into your system for seamless use, data sourcing and analysis

Data Analysis CentremapsLive

Data Analysis

Through joining datasets and various techniques to describe, illustrate, condense, recap and evaluate data

Consultancy CentremapsLive


Do you have a specific project that needs data sourced, combined and managed?


Get in touch today.

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