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Data Creation

At CentremapsLive, we specialise in offering precise OS Mapping services that cater to a wide range of industries. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering high-quality, custom mapping solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. With our data capture and creation capabilities, including the creation of 3D models using aerial imagery including optional ground survey and capturing new data such as imagery and height using UAV we are able to provide clients with detailed and accurate maps that help them better understand their environment. We can take existing data such as spreadsheet data, for example addresses, or legacy pdf/paper maps and standardise the content, generating spatial version suitable for CAD, GIS or even spatially enabled databases.


We can enhance data such as OS MasterMap with additional information from desktop studies or information captured on the ground. Grounds Maintenance mapping is one popular example, enabling the production of clear maps defining areas of responsibility as well as schedules of the surfaces and vegetation to be managed at each site. Where sub centimetre precision is critical we work with survey partners using the latest theodolites, scanners or underground tracing equipment.


Within CentremapsLive we ensure clients that we always start our data creation process with a consultation to understand your project completely before making your plan a reality.

AccuCities 3D Model CentremapsLive

3D Models

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3D models can give great context of a site and provide architects / designers / stakeholders with impressive visuals


Drone Capture CentremapsLive

Drone Capture (UAV)

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The use of drones with cameras and photogrammetry software to provide accurate geospatial intelligence about an area

Manual Data Capture CentremapsLive

Manual Data Capture

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The capture of Ground Maintenance (GM) data into GIS enable the accurate calculation of the area and perimeter of all GM features

Manual Data Capture CentremapsLive

FloodSmart Analytics

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Designed to help clients better understand the risk related to property assets  – from a single lending decision on a mortgage or insurance policy – through to an entire loan book or insurance portfolio.


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