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BGS 50k Mapping

Generalised digital geological map data based on BGS’s New Series 1:50 000 and 1:63 360-scale (one-inch to one-mile) maps with updated nomenclature, including a few 1:100 000-scale maps of Orkney and the Hebrides.

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What is BGS Mapping?

This generalised digital geological data is based on BGS’s 1:50 000 and 1:63 360-scale maps. Covering almost all of Great Britain, it provides a detailed local to regional description of geology and underpins many of our national map services and products. Lithostratigraphic nomenclature is updated to current usage.

Who is BGS Mapping for?

The BGS Geology: 50k data provide a digital representation of the geology previously shown on the map face of the published 1:50 000 scale paper maps. The data are arranged into four geological themes:


1. Bedrock (e.g. rocks and deposits laid down prior to 2.588 million years ago- but including the Crag Group)

2. Superficial (e.g. deposits laid down during the Quaternary Period)

3. Mass Movement (e.g. areas of landslide)

4. Artificial (e.g. areas of artificially modified ground)

And an additional component for:

5. Linear features (e.g faults)

The BGS Geology: 50k V8 dataset is provided as five GIS map layers. It is recommended that the layers are displayed in the following order within GIS (to allow best visualisation and clarity of the map objects):

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