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Fastview Utility Report

Turn your collated Utility Search Report with dozens/hundreds of pages into a clear set of information in layered PDF + CAD + GIS formats as standard with our FastView option. Quickly and confidently identify potential utilities on site.

Key Features
  • Geo-referenced versions of the mapping make it easier to understand the information as:

    • Already aligned to current detailed OS mapping.

    • Overcomes some of the challenges in comparing different mapping types and ages.

    • Mapping across multiple pages is stitched together for a seamless view.

    • Retains all the annotation and original notes visible in the mapping (but not separate sections and schematics).

  • Digitised line work further helps as:

    • Multiple sources can be visible at once with the combined view.

    • It can be simpler to compare with planned designs etc in CAD / GIS.

    • Identifying some older utilities from plans can be challenging to read - We've done the hard work for you!

What is a Fastview Utility Search?

FastView is the brand new enhancement to Utility Search Reports providing overlay of Record Plans georeferenced to OS Mapping and output in an interactive PDF

Simple: One File + One View + Comprehensive and Detailed Layered Services Information.

Fast: Reduced File Sizes for easy access and sharing + quick delivery of key Utility Records Data.

Efficient: Enhances Utility Records Information enabling quick identification of existing on-site services viewed easily on original record plans between PDF Layers.

Flexible: Interactive PDF, CAD (dxf) and GIS (shp / tiff) versions supplied with every order giving everyone immediate access.

Why use Fastview?
  • Clear view of original Utility Plans as sourced from Service Providers.

  • Saving you time in the office and on-site.

  • Utility Plans in consistent scale and position in an Interactive PDF Viewer.

  • Easy access to data on-site with one digital file giving a clear review of all recorded services on site.

  • Recorded Utility Plans are overlaid on latest OS Mapping for context and easy reference to property extents.

  • Simplifies the multi-page Utility Reports with standardised plans.

  • Supplied as interactive PDF so no necessity for CAD or GIS Software to view.

  • File sizes are typically smaller than a full Records Search Report and therefore easier to use/load on your device.

  • Full range of formats available.

Why should I add digitised Linework to my Fastview?

All the benefits of the georeferenced maps plus:


  • Supplied as interactive PDF for access for those without CAD or GIS software to view.

  • With linework, view multiple utilities at the same time with OS MasterMap visible for location.

  • Aligned to OS Grid, making it simple to combine the data with other project detail in your CAD or GIS application.


For additional context, turn on the georeferenced version to:


  • Understand the quality of the original data.

  • View additional labelling, notes and comments visible in the original mapping


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