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Field Boundary

A Field Boundary is a line which identifies the nature of the physical barrier feature and its characteristics when adjacent to, or contained within, specific types of land cover. Field Boundary features are predominately classified in Rural and Moorland areas of Great Britain.

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Field Boundary feature type

Field Boundary features are coincident with and reference all, or part of, an underlying OS NGD Structure Built Obstruction Line. They represent physical barriers between adjoining areas of land. There are five distinct categories to describe Field Boundary features: Tree Canopy, Wooded Strip, Hedge, Wall and Other. An 'Unknown' description is applied when the feature hasn’t yet been classified.

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Height and width

Vegetated field boundary features are given minimum, maximum and average (mean) height and width values. Values are rounded up to the nearest 0.5 metres and provide an indication of the height or width rather than an absolute value.


Consideration is given to the natural movement of these features and seasonal variances, therefore during the calculation process, the Hedge width calculation includes a tolerance of 2.0 metres, and the width calculation of Tree Canopy and Wooded Strip includes a tolerance of 3.0 metres.

The minimum, maximum and average values are calculated using the 10th and 90th percentile values, sampled along the length of the Field Boundary feature at regular intervals. The calculated average mean value represents the most appropriate average height or width for each section of vegetated Field Boundary. Wall, Unknown and Other features are not given a height or width value.

Woodland Boundary flag

The 'isWoodlandBoundary' attribute is a Boolean flag to identify whether a field boundary is adjacent to a land cover area classified as woodland. ‘Woodland’ is defined as a land cover polygon with a classification of Coniferous Trees and/or Non-Coniferous Trees.


Vegetated Field Boundary features adjacent to an area of woodland in the OS NGD Land Theme, which include a classification of Coniferous Trees, Non-Coniferous Trees, Scattered Coniferous Trees or Scattered Non-Coniferous Trees, will have the 'isWoodlandBoundary' attribute populated with ‘True’ and height and width values will be null.

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