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FloodSmart Analytics

Data as a service with multi-metric loss modelling predictions of flood depth, probability, with risk indices and climate change impacts. FloodSmart Analytics is supporting the property lifecycle through superior decisions around capital at risk.

Flooding is the most prevalent risk in the UK which is also highly damaging. The flood peril is sensitive to climate change risk increases through the intensification of rainfall and sea-level rise.


FloodSmart Analytics is designed to help clients better understand this risk related to property assets – from a single lending decision on a mortgage or insurance policy – through to an entire loan book or insurance portfolio.


The UK has large urban concentrations in areas susceptible to one or more types of flood risk. For financial services enterprises, this means there are large asset concentrations that may be loan collateral for lenders, and high sums insured at risk for insurers and reinsurers.

FloodSmart Analytics includes:
  • Flooding from all sources (including groundwater)

  • Highly granular property level precision

  • Quantified event loss and damage calculations

  • Climate change scenario modelling

  • Online data visualisation portal with API integration

  • Sophisticated instant reporting capabilities

  • High resolution – 5m grid data models

  • Individual property identifier with UPRN (residential, commercial)

  • Flood depth predictions at multiple flood return periods

  • Multi source flood type identifier (flood sources separately and combined)

  • Damage value – annual expected damages (AAD) and event loss

  • Incorporates a range of damage vulnerability types – depth & duration

  • Portfolio aggregator with benchmarking capabilities

  • Instantaneous information for decision support (summary and detailed)

  • Enables well informed risk avoidance and liability quantification

  • Better understanding of actions, mitigations & insurance cover

  • Suitable for affordability assessment (including insurance cost)

  • The ability to appraise risk across a range of future climate scenarios

  • Risk managers can understand flood exposure at a granular level

How can FloodSmart Analytics help me?

FloodSmart Analytics is a simple concept – understand the components of flood and use that data to model the risk and the mitigating actions. FloodSmart Analytics is the only UK data source that includes all flood key components as individual actors. FloodSmart Analytics can utilise up to 40 years of prior actual historical data.

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