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GeoSmart FloodSmart

Phase 1 Contaminated Land Surveys for planning applications, building regulations and property transactions.

What are Flood Risk Assessments?​​​​​​​

For architects, land surveyors and developers it can be essential to provide a flood risk assessment alongside planning permission applications. They support the site assessment development applications by looking at the risk and impact of flooding on a development site, helping to analyse the potential issues with building on sites, such as local areas having an increased chance of flooding.

​For a development to take place, the flood risk assessment should prove that the site will remain safe in the future, taking the added effects of climate change into account when measuring the safety. When risks are found, the flood report can provide possible solutions to the risk of flooding on the development, helping you to plan and safely bypass these risks.

Choose the right report for you

Looking for the right Flood Risk Report package for you? At CentremapsLive, we have three Geosmart assessment options, all giving clear flood management options and fast delivery times to help you prepare to manage risks that may occur on developments. Find out more about the different report options below.

Screenshot 2024-07-04 121218.png

* pricing based on site size, location & complexity / ** Expedited turnarounds are available on request


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