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GeoSmart SD50

Identifying site suitability for sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) schemes for developers, architects and local authorities.

What is a SD50 Report?

Climate change is compelling local authorities to think smarter about sustainable property development. Reconciling the pressure for housing with better environmental management is bringing forward new guidance on improved site drainage and flood mitigation.


The unique SuDS Infiltration Suitability Map reveals the locations best suited to sustainable drainage to meet new compliance standards for planning submissions.

What are the benefits?
  • Allows preliminary assessment of the site without the need for a bespoke SuDS design

  • Use in conjunction with the SuDSmart report range to identify SuDS infiltration suitability and flow/volume design data

  • Provides the client with a clear site risk profile on drainage cost and land area needed

Why use a SD50 Report?

​Government policy for England is to introduce SuDS to control site rainfall runoff via conditions in planning approvals. Infiltration into the ground is the preferred method for managing surface water runoff on site without increasing flood risk downstream.


Property professionals must assess the feasibility of infiltration SuDS at an early stage in support of the site development process. This will allow outline site assessment of the cost implications and initial master planning of the development prior to the requirement for detailed design.


Lead Local Flood Authorities also need clear guidance on the site suitability for infiltration SuDS when they are assessing proposed developments.

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