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GeoSmart SuDSmart

Sustainable Drainage Reports (SuDS) for planning applications and property transactions.

What is a Sustainable Drainage Report?

Sustainable Drainage Reports are for setting out drainage principles with the aim of disposing of surface water in a sustainable manner. They are used to support planning permission and are quickly becoming an integral part of planning submissions in an attempt to create more sustainable new developments. By providing an efficient report, you are more likely to meet your local authority requirements, therefore increasing the likelihood of your application being approved.

Why use Sustainable Drainage Systems?

​Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) help to manage peak runoff after rainfall with the purpose of preventing flooding. They work by mimicking natural drainage on undeveloped land. For land that has no development, the surface water would usually be absorbed into the soil. However, this is not always possible on developed land which is why SuDS are put in place.

Choose the right report for you

We want to help you decide on the best Sustainable Drainage Report that can directly meet your needs. We offer three Geosmart report types; SuDSmart, SuDSmart Plus and SuDSmart Pro. Find out more about the difference between these reports in the feature comparison below.​

Screenshot 2024-07-04 123032.png


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