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Groundsure EnviroInsight

A combined map and data pack. Enviro Insight provides comprehensive contaminated land information on past and current land use from a multitude of sources, including Groundsure’s Historical Land Use Database (HLUD), and data from third party providers including the EA/SEPA, BGS, local authorities and the HSE. The report also includes detailed site setting information covering detailed flooding, hydrogeology, hydrology and designations data, essential for any consultant’s desktop study.

Key Datasets

Screenshot 2023-11-15 135645.png
Key Features
  • Comprehensive contaminated land information utilising the most comprehensive data available including Groundsure’s Historical Land Use Database.

  • Environmental permits, active and historic landfill and waste sites and current industrial sites

  • OS MasterMap site plan (for sites <10ha)

  • Aggregated historical land use data

  • Pollution inventory data

  • Detailed flood data

  • Intuitive in-report navigation

  • Waste exemptions

  • Enhanced planning and development designations

  • Groundsure’s unique ordnance and military database

  • National Grid gas pipeline and electricity transmission lines

  • Detail on hydrology and hydrogeology

Key Benefits
  • Grouped Historical Land Use Database included as standard. Minimal repetition, with features displayed alongside a date range**

  • Pollution inventory data describes in detail the substances and quantities emitted at current industrial sites

  • Unrivalled data content. Many unique and proprietary datasets are included that are available nowhere else.


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