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Groundsure Groundscreen

The Groundscreen solution provides an early view of development risks, along with remedial cost ranges relating to the presence of ground and groundwater contamination and geotechnical issues. It enables easy and rapid identification of potential hotspots and problematic areas within sites that may require different remediation and containment approaches.

  • ​Utilising 57 datasets, Groundscreen provides the most effective way to assess viability cost impacts from potential contamination risks on proposed development sites. It can significantly reduce your project team time and resource in preparing bid estimates.

Why choose Groundscreen
  • Why choose groundscreen?: Provides the earliest understanding of potential issues resulting in fewer expensive surprises.

  • Helps focus resources towards the areas of greatest risk

  • Supports a most cost-effective bidding and tendering process.

  • Enables an easier and clearer comparison of different sites, using a standardised approach.

  • Effective tool to help locate development sites to match risk appetite

This all-new solution enables land agents and environmental consultants to access to highly accurate historical land use and unique mining data, to effective assess site viability for development.

Cost data provided for a range of use scenarios and linked to the Homes and Communities Agency Guidance for Dereliction, Demolition and Remediation Costs.

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