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Height Data

OS Terrain® 5 and LiDAR are our detailed digital terrain model (DTM) of Great Britain. They are available as a grid of heighted points and contours (height data always provided in 1m contour intervals as default).

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What is Height Data?

The two products provide detailed three-dimensional digital terrain models (DTMs) or digital surface models (DSMs) of Great Britain. A DTM primarily defines the ground surface, having removed all protruding features (such as buildings and trees) elevated above the bare earth. DSM includes features such as buildings and trees.

Why use Height Data?

A true virtual landscape; OS Terrain 5 is the height data you need to model construction projects within the wider landscape. This helps you give planners an accurate virtual view of your plans and the steps you’re taking to minimise their visual impact on the surrounding area.


Reduce the need for site visits; You can quickly understand the impact of flash floods on roads, homes and other major infrastructure. In addition to view shed analysis, traffic noise and drainage. You're able to assess the lie of the land on-screen, reducing the need for time-consuming site visits.


Harness the elements; OS Terrain 5 helps you analyse wind speed and signal propagation. This is important when siting wind turbines, best located in exposed upland areas to maximise their power output, and mobile phone masts, which serve ever more data-hungry users.

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(*with contours)

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