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MiniScale is an open data licence of Great Britain in a single data file that clearly shows towns and cities, motorways, major roads, railways and airports.

What is Miniscale?

Ordnance Survey’s MiniScale is designed for use within desktop graphic applications. It provides geographic context for the whole of Great Britain by showing major boundaries, lines of communication, settlements and physical features. MiniScale is a vector graphic that has been created using desktop publishing software so that it can be customised and converted into a wide variety of graphic formats. Alternatively, the raster examples can also be used for web applications or within a geographical information system (GIS) as a backdrop. MiniScale is aimed at any customer who requires a high-quality, visually appealing map for their documents and/or publications, whether that be a magazine, brochure or website.

Why use Miniscale?

See the big picture; MiniScale is ideal as a fast-loading national map of Great Britain for your GIS. It's accurate, quality-assured and easy on the eye.


Ideal for desktop publishing; MiniScale maps are great for desktop publishing. You can print them as wall maps or use extracts in sales brochures or project documents.

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