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Ordnance Survey MasterMap

The OS MasterMap Topography layer is presented seamlessly with more than 500 Million real world objects – all uniquely identified - including roads, buildings, parks and waterways all managed and maintained by Ordnance Survey within one of the world’s largest spatial databases.​

What is OS MasterMap?


OS MasterMap Topography Layer is the de facto source for property level information across government and private sector. It contains features that represent objects in the physical environment, such as buildings, fields, fences, and letter boxes. It also includes intangible objects, such as county boundaries and the lines of mean high or low waters. Coverage includes the whole of Great Britain (i.e. England, Scotland, and Wales).

Why use OS MasterMap?

Mapping from the ground up; In a business of any kind, OS MasterMap Topography Layer gives you the confidence to make location-based decisions about assets, services, environmental risks, customers and operations.


Accurate referencing; Geo-tag your assets, with the topographic identifier (TOID) at the heart of OS MasterMap products. This makes it ideal for monitoring assets such as pipelines, pylons, bridges and warehouses.


Enhanced features; OS MasterMap Topography Layer includes enhanced features - Building Height Attribute to analyse the built environment and Sites Layer showing the main points of access to key sites.


The foundation of the OS MasterMap family; With OS MasterMap Topography Layer, each feature is a record in a database with geometry and attribution categorising the feature and information about it's change history as well as unique identifiers connecting it to other data. It provides an accurate visual context to help you interpret addresses, routes and imagery provided by the other layers.


Planning applications; OS MasterMap is the trusted source for planning applications.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 085517.png


* Northern Ireland equivalent available

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