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New Product for Property Development and more; Introducing PoC reports

A new Product for Property Development and more; Introducing Point of Connection Report from Apogee.

New Product for property development and more

Connecting a Development to utilities is often a hassle which slows down and complicates the design and development work you would rather be focussing on. Apogee’s experienced team can save you time & draws on decades of experience and the best of modern utility search techniques to bring its clients this comprehensive point of connection (POC) Report. They contact all relevant DNOs & ICPs including multilays and considers the suitability of each with regards to your specific project. The growing complexity of the market and uncertainty around how to connect your development to the main networks is clarified and summarised clearly by our team.

A Fixed Fee and a fresh search every time delivered in unlocked pdf with a useful summary page that identifies the costs, advantages and disadvantages of each connection & provider at every stage, from pre-development and works stages to long term considerations.

In many instances this product has saved clients thousands per project by identifying more cost-effective and relevant options for their developments. For your convenience this product is now available on our interface, order yours here

We hope you enjoy this new product to the CentremapsLive extensive range!


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