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Professional Discussion; Your Reminder and Guest Announcement!

April is almost upon us and we're thrilled to bring you some exciting updates! If you've been keeping up with our newsletters, you'd know that our much-anticipated professional discussions are set to kick off this coming month. We're especially excited to announce our professional discussion guest; who's sure to make the sessions engaging and informative.

professional discussion guest announcement

We'd love to have your feedback and know that these short, informative videos will be extremely useful for all our customers! It's not too late to set that reminder. Each discussion will consist of a 10 minute discussion and you're more than welcome to send your questions in to be answered - we'd love your involvement. This is a great opportunity to gather insights and get your queries addressed by the experts.

Professional Discussion guest: April's guest is Jeremy Haigh, Director of specialist property and utility consultancy, Apogee.

Also, as mentioned in our January Newsletter, we've put together a list of Expos that we will be attending this year. We're eager to network and connect with all of you there. If you're planning on attending any of these expos, do let us know! We might just bump into each other. So here's to a productive and exciting April!


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