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Unlocking Geospatial Insights: An Introduction to CentremapsLive

Geospatial data is the information that describes the location, shape, and attributes of natural or human-made features on the Earth’s surface. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as planning, analysis, decision-making, and visualisation. However, accessing and using geospatial data can be challenging, especially for non-experts or those who need data from different sources and in various formats.

That’s where CentremapsLive comes in. CentremapsLive is a comprehensive mapping and data solution provider that offers a range of services and products to help you unlock the power of geospatial data. Whether you need mapping data, data reports, data creation, data management or 3D models - CentremapsLive has you covered.

We recognise that quickly locating, licensing and accessing data in formats that are immediately usable are critical to your priority of delivering on your business values and objectives.

Mapping Data

CentremapsLive provides access to the most detailed, current, and authoritative mapping data across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, from property level detail to national overviews. You can quickly and easily select your area of interest, choose your preferred format and scale and download or print your map. You can also add on additional layers of information, such as height data, tree data, aerial imagery, or land registry data, to enhance your map.

CentremapsLive works with market leaders such as Ordnance Survey, GeoSmart, Groundsure, and BGS to provide you with the best quality and variety of mapping data. You can use mapping data for various applications, such as planning, development, environmental assessment, asset management and more.

Data Reports

CentremapsLive also offers data reports that transform your raw data into a visual and interactive format. You can choose from a range of report types, such as utility searches, flood risk reports, environmental reports and more. You can also customise your report by adding your own logo, title and notes.

Data reports can help you understand the potential risks and opportunities associated with your site or project. Choose from varying reports from those collating the data in to one place to more evolved options offering interpretation and expert opinion. You can use data reports to support your planning applications, due diligence, compliance and risk management.

Data Creation

If you need data that is not readily available, we can help you create it.

CentremapsLive has the expertise and technology to source, combine or create data for your specific needs. For example, you can request 3D models, drone surveys, bespoke datasets or data analysis. Data creation can help you gain new insights and perspectives on your site or project. You can use data creation to enhance your design, presentation, simulation, or innovation.

Data Management

Manage your data effectively and efficiently. Understand your existing data purchases when ordering or for more complex and ongoing portfolios, let us manage your coverage for you.

We can provide you with live-streamed mapping data, integrated into your system for seamless use. You can also access and update your data anytime, anywhere, using CentremapsLive’s cloud-based platform. Data management can help you save time and money, as well as improve your data quality and security. You can use data management to optimise your workflows, processes, and performance.

3D Models

3D models capture detailed and current information on the built and natural environment on and around your site or project.

CentremapsLive has access to many pre-modelled urban areas, which can be available from as little as one working day. You can also request custom 3D models, tailored to your specifications. 3D models can help you visualise and communicate your site or project in a realistic and engaging way whether demonstrating the value to a client or allaying the concerns of stakeholders in the planning process. You can use 3D models for marketing, education, entertainment, or research.


We strive to be more than just a mapping and data provider. Our online services or offline support are available as your partner in unlocking geospatial insights that can help you achieve your goals. Whether you need mapping data, data reports, data creation, data management, or 3D models, CentremapsLive has the solution for you.

To learn more about CentremapsLive and our services and products, by visiting our website here or contact our friendly and dedicated support team here.


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