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Residential Homebuyers Review

Homebuyers Residential Review ensures you comply with Law Society practice notes for contaminated land and flooding as well as separate guidance on ground stability. Also supports your compliance with the Law Society Guidance on Climate Risks including duty of care and duty to warn.

  • Property specific, weighted sum model for reporting periods. Provides an effective, balanced forward climate risk scenario for flood, subsidence & coastal erosion risks

  • Projects changes in physical risks from flooding, natural ground instability and coastal erosion

  • Transition risks - essential advice on EPCs and retrofitting, buy to let options, flood insurance and resilience measures with example costs

  • Clear, concise index ratings and guidance enabling rapid identification of any risk to support client care

  • Time periods assessed in alignment with Prudential Regulatory Authority and Bank of England

  • Supports The Law Society Guidance on Climate Risks including Duty of Care and Duty to Warn

Key Features
  • Comprehensive contaminated land assessment utilising the most comprehensive data available including, environmental permits, active and historic landfill and waste sites and current industrial sites.

  • ClimateIndex™ - Forward climate scenario modelling for flood, subsidence & coastal erosion risks, plus commentary on transition risks for energy efficiency and flooding. Helps meet Law Society Guidance.

  • Full flood data covering risks from rivers, the sea, surface water and groundwater at 5m resolution • FloodScoreTM - gives an indicative assessment of the potential insurance risk classification from flooding

  • Natural and non-natural ground stability screening including natural ground subsidence, cavities and non- coal mining

  • Coal mining screening

  • The report uses Groundsure’s National Brownfield Risk Model (NBRM)

Key Benefits
  • Supports compliance with 2 Law Society practice notes, Law Society Conveyancing handbook guidance for ground stability and The Law Society Guidance on Climate Risks including Duty of Care and Duty to Warn.

  • Improved accuracy - using Land Registry Title polygons so it captures all features within the specific property and boundary

  • Powered by the Groundsure IQ - 110 million data points managed by our unique AI algorithm, intelligently filtered and supported by our in-house consultancy expertise

  • Seven conveyancing searches in one environmental risk report

  • Clear recomendations and next steps to make it easier for you and your client.


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