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VectorMap District

OS VectorMap District is a simple vector dataset with a nominal scale of 1:25000 covering the whole of Great Britain that has been designed for creating graphical mapping. The product can be used as mapping in its own right or can be used to provide a flexible geographic context reference for customers’ overlay information.

What is VectorMap District?

OS VectorMap Local is a mapping dataset designed for providing contextual mapping output on paper, PCs, hand-held devices or the Internet. The vector format of the product consists of layers to enable you to customise and style the output to suit your needs.


The product is generated automatically from the OS Large-Scale Topographic Database with no manual cartographic input. This database is used to update other OS products, including OS MasterMap Topography Layer.

Why use VectorMap District?

Style your map to highlight what matters to you; OS VectorMap District is great if your map needs a custom look.


Display the map layers you need; Show enough detail to give the lie of the land while avoiding overwhelming detail. OS VectorMap District lets you display just the map layers you need.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 125351.png


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