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VectorMap Local

OS VectorMap Local enables customisable mapping with street level detail that is highly accurate, detailed and reliable.

What is VectorMap Local?

OS VectorMap Local is a mapping dataset designed for providing contextual mapping output on paper, PCs, hand-held devices or the Internet. The vector format of the product consists of layers to enable you to customise and style the output to suit your needs. The product is generated automatically from the OS Large-Scale Topographic Database with no manual cartographic input. This database is used to update other OS products, including OS MasterMap Topography Layer.

Why use VectorMap Local?

Highly detailed attributes; VectorMap Local is full of rich, detailed mapping attributes and features that improves contextual information and in-depth analysis – especially when compared to alternative data sources.


Customisable; Prebuilt colour options are available for both vector and raster formats, but vector data is fully customisable. You can design your VML basemap to perfectly suit your needs. This might be to a preferred colour palette, to suit different viewing methods or to highlight features of most interest.


Accurate and reliable real world information; OS VectorMap Local is generated automatically from OS Large Scale Topographic database (used for OS MasterMap Topography Layer), improving currency and consistency to give accurate and reliable real world geographical information.

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