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Aerial Imagery

Digital colour-balanced and corrected for geometric distortions (orthorectified) aerial photography of this add-on imagery product gives you the real-world view.

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What is Aerial Imagery?​

Aerial imagery adds a visual and contextual capability to the OS MasterMap and other mapping datasets. The technical specification contains details on the visual appearance of the ortho images within the imagery layer. It includes positional and geometric fidelity requirements and detail on mosaicing and edgematching between areas of imagery collected at different times

Why use Aerial Imagery?

Reduce the need for site visits; Using our aerial imagery to check road markings, tree canopies, temporary structures, vegetation or site entrances cuts down the need for site visits, so you can save money and manage time more efficiently.


Revelation for engineers, surveyors and planners; For engineers, for surveyors, for planners, Aerial imagery is a revelation. It's aligned to The British National Grid and is incredibly detailed, expertly colour-balanced and corrected for geometric distortions.


Ideal for projects; Aerial Imagery is an off-the-shelf product for the whole of Great Britain. Aerial imagery that we provide is licenced to use in your reports.


Up-to-date imagery and data; Aerial imagery uses the same source imagery that underpins large-scale data updates. Processing software produces true-orthorectified imagery, removing building lean from aerial imagery to give you a consistent top-down view.


Easily interpret the detail; You can easily spot properties with solar panels, conservatories and other home improvements, thanks to up to 10cm resolution. This makes the aerial imagery products ideal for planning and environmental monitoring.


Pin-point changes; Changes over time can be seen with our date selection option.

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* Northern Ireland equivalent available


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