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Point of Connection

Point of Connection and Capacity Check Report, assists any site development and design. Clear information on connection options to existing utility networks with up-to-date quotations and insights from Apogee's experienced and knowledgeable consultancy team.

Key Features
  • The most up-to date costs and options for connecting to each of the main water, gas, and power utilities' networks and relevant DNOs and IDNOs, as well as confirmation on capacity availability.

  • Detailed drawings to go along with the standard search report showing point of connection locations for easy design adjustments and informed decisions on which option to take.

  • Advice from Apogee's experienced consultancy team on each utility and the responsibilities each lays out to the undertaker, as well as recommendations and requirements made by network operators.

  • Detailed information on necessary compromises or modifications to the works and any extra provisions to be made by the customer to achieve connection, as well as an outline of the costs and benefits for each.

  • Points of contact necessary for the development and further enquiries to continue, along withany uncertainties or points of clarification required to proceed.

What is a Point of Connection (PoC) Report ?

A PoC Report contains both point of connection and capacity information for each connection provider of electricity, gas and water connections including multi-lay options if they are sensible in the area.

Utility company quotes are included where the utilities provide them and an Executive Summary which details how suitable the connection options are to the specific project and any modifications which will be required to give clear information on Point of Connection available.

Apogee's team also include advice as to which solutions are most cost-effective and how practical each is (for example which heating option to pursue for the development or which route to take when laying the connection depending on location, ease of access to site etc.) Of particular concern in recent years is the electrical loading and how the site's power connection andconsumption can be managed cost effectively.

Who is the Point of Connection suitable for?

The Point of Connection Report is ideal for a range of Clients including Project Managers, Developers, Local Authorities, Consultants, Architects, Design & Build Contractors and Surveyors. Anyone involved with a residential or commercial development who would benefit from understanding the risks and costs which come from connecting o the utilities backed by extensive industry and project experience.

Why use an Apogee PoC Report?

Understanding the timescales of the works and the likely costs is vital for procuring effectively and managing cashflow for any project or across a range of projects. We have decades of experience in managing such conflicts across our expert consultancy team.


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