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Residential Flood Report

Flood provides a comprehensive and accurate assessment of all flood risks, reducing the need for further searches.

Key Datasets
What is a Residential Flood Report?

The Flood report uses a detailed water and drainage risk model devised by industry experts, and provides detail on all potential flood hazards – not just river and tidal. The report includes unique Groundsure risk analysis as well as a view on flood risk insurance and offers access to our expertly qualified environmental consultants for further advice and support

Screenshot 2023-11-20 110528.png
Key Features
  • River and coastal flood risk data from the Environment Agency including RoFRaS, flood defences, areas benefiting from flood defences and proposed flood defence schemes

  • 5m surface water (pluvial) and groundwater flooding data

  • Groundwater flooding susceptibility data from the British Geological Survey

  • Environment Agency recorded historic flood events

  • FloodScore™ gives an indicative assessment of the potential insurance risk classification from flooding

  • FloodRe statement indicates properties at higher risk of flooding that could cede the flood cover to FloodRe

Key Benefits
  • Satisfies Law Society Practice note on Flood Risk

  • Improved accuracy using Land Registry polygons

  • Site boundary on MasterMap - enables clear identification of boundary for title


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