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BGS 50k CentremapsLive

Environmental Datasets

Environmental, flood and geology data affecting developments and ground conditions. BGS (British Geological Survey) are a principal source of data for GB bringing a range of datasets affecting property construction, safety and civil engineering.


Looking for our environmental risk reports? Find our data reports here for environmental risk, flooding and utilities


BGS Geosure

This report describes the national scale Natural Ground Stability (GeoSure) dataset. The methods used to create the dataset have been critically assessed and its fitness for purpose determined by specialists in BGS.

BGS 10k

BGS 50k Mapping

Generalised digital geological map data based on BGS’s New Series 1:50 000 and 1:63 360-scale (one-inch to one-mile) maps with updated nomenclature, including a few 1:100 000-scale maps of Orkney and the Hebrides.


BGS Civils

The primary goal of the product is to provide the key engineering characteristics of the geology of Great Britain to professional users who need simple and rapid access to such information.


BGS Groundwater Flooding Susceptibility

Groundwater Flooding Susceptibility

GeoSmart’s Groundwater Flood Risk Assessments (GWFRA) are the first ever reports to demonstrate the risk to a site from groundwater flooding. It provides the most accurate method of screening and assessment at postcode level available.

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