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Environmental Reports

A comprehensive suite of historic and current land use data and mapping for environmental consultants, architects, surveyors and developers. Focusing on bringing data together for an informed professional interpretation

Geosmart Enrivonmental Reports CentremapsLive

Geosmart Envirosmart

Phase 1 Contaminated Land Surveys for planning applications, building regulations and property transactions


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Groundsure Cheshire Salt

The Cheshire Brine Compensation District and coalfield areas are distinctly separate, apart from a very small overlap area


Groundsure Screening.png

Groundsure Screening

The ideal report for lower value less complex commercial property transactions and multisite portfolios - With ClimateIndex™ Physical and Transition Climate Risk analysis


Tractor Wheels

Groundsure Agricultural

Agricultural is an interpreted report providing an assessment of the key environmental risks associated with purchasing farms and agricultural land. Agricultural gives the expert, bespoke opinion required for high value estate transactions


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Groundsure Coal Search

The history of coal mining in the UK has resulted in a potential risk of coal-mining related ground subsidence in areas affected. Law Society Guidance Notes (2018) state that a CON29M Report is a mandatory requirement for property and land purchase in coal mining areas


Coal Authority Report.png

Groundsure Coal Authority

Designed by environmental consultants and geotechnical engineers, this report provides essential data and guidance on historical coal mining activity and the potential issues that could affect your client’s site and its surrounding area



Groundsure EnviroInsight

A combined map and data pack. EnviroInsight provides comprehensive contaminated land information on past and current land use from a multitude of sources, including Groundsure’s Historical Land Use Database (HLUD), and data from third party providers


Groundsure FullInsight CentremapsLive

Groundsure FullInsight

A combined map and data pack delivers detailed and accurate environmental land use information from authoritative and unique environmental and geological datasets. They provide clarity on past land use with the highest resolution historical mapping imagery available


Groundsure Groundscreen

Our unique Brownfield Remediation Cost Calculator - Rapid and easy Screening for Site Contamination Appraisal



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